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Episode 38: Following Your True North

So excited to share this conversation with Allyson Chavez, a prosperity and success coach for ambitious God-centered women, who teaches women to lead with their feminine and leverage the power of their minds so they can lay down the struggle in pursuit of love and success. Allyson shares her authentic experience in personal excavation to rise above her limiting beliefs to move from personal struggle into allowing God/Universe to support her in co-creating her desires. Find out about our limiting beliefs that often show up around money and sex and how we can align with an abundant mindset to balance our masculine and feminine energies. She discusses how human sexuality connects to our "true north," the divine feminine, through our desires and what lights us up! Allyson and I both get raw and real about our own process in removing blocks to our sexual desires and how to start where you are at in this process. Come sit down with two women opening up their learning around sexual growth and development, how to find what you desire, and how to give yourself permission to express it.

Episode 37: Are you Brave?

For several months I have been gathering up courage to talk to you about a very personal topic, Human Sexuality. Why would a therapist struggle to talk about something that is such a big part of all our lives? I explore my own indoctrination around sexuality and how owning my divine sexuality has been perhaps the most important and most difficult part of my healing journey. In this episode, I candidly share my experience with doing a personal inventory of beliefs, systems, and perspectives that I recognized needed to go and how I replaced them with those that allowed for greater healing. I speak of my journey from child to woman in sexuality and how I learned to be responsible for how I show up in my relationships, with my own body, and how to co-create my sexual experience. I explore the first steps in healing wounded sexuality and invite you to step more fully into concepts of oneness and harmony with both your divine self and your partner. This one is raw and real!

Episode 36: Getting Out of Your Own Way

You likely can identify when stuck in fear, shame, and overwhelm. However, you may struggle to identify the root of this emotional state and how to shift out of it. In this episode, I will discuss the common plight that is self-sabotage. Then we'll go further into how you move out of these states into higher levels of consciousness that allows for personal growth and expansion. We will discuss topics such as: 3-Centered Knowing, the electro-magnetic properties in thoughts and feelings, and how to be intentional in what you intake into your mind and body. After all, you create your own view of reality. Join me in learning how to "choose in" to what you wish to create. Learn to recognize your blocks and be invited to expand and clear your beliefs, emotions, and energies that are stored in your mind and body that do not serve you. Come learn how to be further aligned with that which you most desire!

Episode 35: Walk Uniquely with Oneness

Using a model of human growth and development, we explore the journey of moving towards something called, "Oneness." Each of us is a unique Self with gifts, talents, and purpose that only we can individually bring to the world. Through the process of differentiation, you can learn how to show up as your unique Self even while being part of larger systems that may not always celebrate our uniqueness. Learning to see both the divinity in yourself and others that walk differently than you, allows for greater emotional and spiritual maturity and greater connection to the whole of the human family. May I suggest that our experiences of separation from love are our greatest teachers of where we are invited to grow into greater love. As we learn to observe our fear, triggers, and judgements of others, we become aware of our separation from love that stems from our ego self and its difference from our true identity. Awareness is the doorway to healing. I share some of my learnings along my path toward enlightenment and how I "choose the light" in how I see myself and others. I will walk you through an exercise that reveals the 3 parts of self: Ego, Heart, and spirit that all communicate to us different messages of our identity. By making this previously subconscious chatter conscious, you are empowering yourself to choose to hear the voice that best aligns with your true identity and what you desire to create. Oneness allows you to walk in greater confidence in your unique path before God/Source within your systems of family, friends, work, and religious communities. I invite you to explore how to uniquely walk in oneness in this podcast!

Episode 34: Healing the Shadow of Self-Betrayal

In this episode I invite you to some recent "shadow work" I have been doing of owning my disowned parts of self including ways of I have betrayed my wants, needs, and even my uniqueness. Self-Betrayal is common for all of us that experience caregivers, systems, and mindsets that tell us that we need to perform, deny our wants and needs, or play small in order to feel loved and connected to a tribe. I will discuss a mindset that puts down the lies of fearful ego and helps you see how being your unique light is how you show up in humility and heal yourself and others. We also discuss strategies of healing self-betrayal including making and keeping a consistent promise to self. Join me to do a little shadow work and step further into your light!

Episode 33: Preparing for Presence

Do you ever feel like you and your spouse are missing cues with each other to connect and wondering why that connection seems to happen elsewhere but not where you desire it most? I invite you to a conversation between my husband and I on this very topic. Mike and I both use tool of "preparation" to create safe space for those with whom interact in work environments and in this episode we share how we applied that experience to our marriage. We also discuss the importance of creating a safe place for both partners in order to allow for true presence. We hope you enjoy our authentic musing of how we don't have it all figured out but how we are continuing to explore and grow in creating the marriage we choose.

Episode 32: Revealing the Divine Feminine

Women are constantly bombarded with messages that they are either "too much" or "not enough." In this episode, I have the privilege of interviewing photographer, Lynette Smith, who is doing powerful healing work with women using her craft, professional photography. Lynette tells us about an exciting worldwide project called “40 over 40” that she has brought to my hometown of Wenatchee, WA and why she feels this project is changing lives of women in their mid-life. We also discuss the concept of “the divine feminine,” or as it is called in Chinese medicine, yin. We explore how to connect with this beautiful, nurturing, free-spirited, and secure part that is the divine feminine and it’s connection to human sexuality. I share how personally participating in this project with Lynette was a powerful teaching moment between myself and my source, God, that mirrored to me my true self. It shed light on my prior false programming in relationship to my body and human sexuality and invited me to further shed shame around this important topic. Lynette further shares how this project has helped other women connect with their divine worth and know further that they are enough!

Episode31: Healing The Divine Masculine

Do you have a friend that challenges you and brings out the best in you? In this podcast, I introduce you to my friend Antonio Battaglia and discuss how someone that is your opposite, or in Chinese philosophy, the yin to your yang, can bring you to higher levels of growth and consciousness. We share how our friendship did that for us! We take a look at the concept of divine masculine and it's opposite, divine feminine. Antonio gives us a refreshing male perspective on how to live from an open heart and allow the divine masculine to emerge in connection with the feminine energy. I appreciated his candor in sharing his journey from feeling a loss of a masculine mentor in his father that set him on a journey of self discovery and healing. His voice is to the wounded men in our world and the women that love them. Antonio gives some very insightful perspectives on what men need to heal themselves and how the divine feminine can play a key role in that healing. This is a must listen to episode!

Episode 30: Radical Self-Love

We live in a cultural that is in opposition to the true mindset of happiness, love and acceptance. In this episode, we will explore how choosing to love and accept yourself right where you are is the key to moving out of shame-based mindsets that keep you stuck in cycles of addiction, fear, blame, and feelings unworthiness of the love and freedom you desire. You will begin to see that when you radically accept that you are worthy of love and belonging, even in the midst of times when you are not living from your best self, you can begin to live free of the shame that holds you hostage. We will explore the skills of radical acceptance and meditation practice of RAIN by Tara Brach to help you address where you are stuck in your pain and learn to integrate your story of woundedness rather than spend energy running away, numbing out, or remaining in conflict with others. If you are someone seeking to transform your pain into purpose then this is the podcast for you!

Episode29: Balanced Goals

It's the New Year and many of us are hitting the ground running seeking a better 2021! For this purpose, I invited veteran fitness instructor and health coach, Melanie Gillespie, to share her journey from reaching extreme fitness goals that led her to crashed adrenals and a broken mindset to taking time to do the inner work. She now enjoys a balanced mindset, a healthy body, and a health relationship with herself. Her story is all too familiar as we often seek to "run faster than we have strength" and to set goals from the ego, shame-based part of us rather than from our hearts and true self. Come learn how to set goals in a sustainable way that leads to you having success both mentally and physically.

Episode 28: Let's Discuss Loneliness

In this episode, I invite my friend and colleague, Rachael Grant Dixon (host of "She's Awake Podcast") to share her unique perspective on the mindset of loneliness. We discuss how to "get curious" and experiment on new ways of processing the feelings of loneliness we all experience. Learn how feelings of division or separation with those to whom we seek meaningful connection can contribute to our loneliness. Come sit at our table and enjoy a candid conversation between two friends as we discuss ways to address these challenges, and how we personally have addressed feelings of disconnect.

Episode 27: The Courage to Heal

Sometimes you read a book and it speaks to your soul. In this episode I will take you on my wisdom journey with Dr. Edith Edger, a survivor the holocaust and eventual trauma therapist, who mirrored to me the importance of courageously moving toward suffering in order to heal in her book “The Choice.” Dr. Edger explains that it is a common response to run from or hide from your experiences of pain and shame; however, time does not heal trauma but rather deliberately turning towards your suffering and accepting it does. We will discuss how healing is possible when we take responsibility for our own painful experience, have compassion on ourselves, and choose to release the wound by staying with body-felt experience and retelling our story in the present. In this episode, I will walk you through principles and skills of self-healing modeled by this master therapist, and that I have seen work in my own life and the lives of many I have had the privilege to walk beside in their healing journey.

Episode 26: The Healing Power of Gratitude

In this Episode, we will hear from special guest, Kamelia Britton. Kamelia is a Mindset and Business Coach, who is speaking up on Breast Cancer Awareness and Mental Health. Kamelia will take us through her diagnosis of breast cancer at the height of a very successful career in travel blogging and modeling, to facing the reality of life with cancer, and ultimately to using the power of gratitude to help her beat cancer and find new purpose. You don’t want to miss this interview!

Episode 25: We Rise Together

In all our talk on the inner journey of healing and moving out of codependency, where does relationship fit in the healing journey? In this episode my guest is my husband of nearly 20 years to get raw and real about our marriage and how relationship played a key role in healing process for us both. Hear a journey from considering divorce to truly having a life partner that is your best friend and advocate in living your best life.

Episode 24: Born To Create (Part 2)

In this episode you will really dial in on what is getting in the way stepping your "Creator" mindset including your unhealed past experience, how to respond to the inner tension we all experience in life, and how to use the power of intention and attention to moving into empowerment. I even take you an on beautiful meditation to find your blocks and connect to your truth! You won't want to miss this one!

Episode 23: Born to Create (Part 1)

The difference between staying stuck in a life and mindset that you feel is holding you back and stepping into creating life on your terms is your focus! In this episode I will introduce the Creator mindset, how to really say goodbye to your victim story and start taking steps toward who you are meant to be!

Episode 22: Emotion Coaching

Are you noticing that your own emotional regulation and that of your loved ones is off? In this episode I discuss the body/mind connection to stress and how to effectively move out of negative cycles of emotion yourself and then lending support to your loved ones using John Gottman's "Emotion Coaching" model. Learn how to anchor yourself and your loved ones in times of high stress. (Photo credit: Jordan Whitt)

Episode 21: We are all Interdependent

Celebrate with me the one year anniversary of Breaking Free Podcast and the journey of healing from the inside out in body, mind, and spirit we have been on together. In this episode we will see how all this growth leads you to the ability to live life interdependent with your abundant source and have the strength and capacity to reach your highest intentions. Yes, we are all weak is some areas of self and life circumstances can be difficult however that recognition leads to the ability to go deep and receive strength from higher sources. Join me in how you can move away from extreme living and come to the balanced middle of interdependence. Image credit: Tim-Marshall

Episode 20: Swinging Into the Middle

Do you have an internal voice that is constantly criticizing you or puffing your up in self defense? In order to break imbalances we have in our relationships with others, such as codependence, we must first address our internal voice that pushes out of balance. The hook to living at extremes is 100% in you. In this episode we will explore how self-compassion provides the ability to respond to our struggle, find the love and connection we crave, and find a way back to balance within ourselves and our relationships. Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Episode 19: Further Up and Further In!!

Welcome to Season 2 of Breaking Free Podcast! Are you ready to take principles of body, mind, spirit healing to a new level? In this episode we will discuss how going" further In" ourselves, understanding the healing is an inside job, and "further up" to higher ways of being, seeing, and support allow us to truly break free of that which holds us back. You will learn how to create spaces of sanctuary within your body and living spaces to take that feeling of safety and refuge with you into your everyday life and intentions.

Episode 18: Showing Up As Yourself this Year!!

This time of year is full of advice as to what you need to "change" in order to improve yourself. Is it possible to navigate all this buzz and set goals that allow you to show up as your true self this New Year? Absolutely! In this podcast we will explore how to work with life's real challenges to see how life is showing up for you not against you and allow you to move into to the driver's seat as creator of your best life! You will learn how to love an accept yourself and set goals from self love that bring lasting change. Photo by Alan Emery on Unsplash

Episode 17: Acceptance is Doorway to Change

What we resist persists in our lives. In this episode we will explore how the skill of Acceptance opens door to change we are seeking and even talk about my personal hero Fred Rogers, of "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood," and look at the model of acceptance and healing this dear man left us all. Photo Credit: GENE J. PUSKAR/AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

Episode 16: There is No Fear in Love

Does the emotion of fear constantly push you to either move to control or push away? In this episode we will discuss feelings of abandonment that all of us experience and how these feelings may be confirming the very thing you fear. We also learn how to move into receiving and operating out of love so you can release your fear and finally get the security you seek.

Episode 15: Creating Connection

In this episode I will discuss how we experience disconnect from our true self due to painful experiences. We then navigate our pain with strategies of disconnection to avoid further overwhelm. These include numbness, control, self critic, anxiety, etc. We will learn how to recognize ways we avoid connection with our pain and how to create healthy connection with our wounds so they can unburden and heal. Is your wounded child managing your life or are you?

Episode 14: Building from Strength toward Weakness

In this episode we will explore the the strength that already exists inside of you and how taking this strength-based approach will allow to you use that strength to overcome weakness. Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Episode 13: Source and Intention Matter

In this episode we will explore how mindfulness practices provide a skill set or mechanism to help clarify and enact your heart's desire. In particular you will learn how to set an intention and choose sources that line up with your highest values.

Episode 12: The Healing Power of Stillness

In this episode we will discuss how to stillness practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and prayer can be a powerful tools to help us connect to and unlock our divine self. We discuss some specific ways to begin a stillness practices and why this might just be the gift that allows you to connect to your wholeness.

Episode 11: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Are you tired of that wounded part of self constantly taking over your best intentions and ruling your life? This episode will explore steps that lead to letting go of our painful story, finding forgiveness for circumstances, others, ourselves, and even our higher power that get in the way of living free. Let's talk about the power of forgiveness... Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Episode 10: Breaking Free of the Try Hard Give Up Cycle (Part 2)

We live in a world driven by goal-driven, product oriented mindsets. But does this bring consistent behavior and true joy? In this episode I will explore an alternative to these mindsets, Resting in your Higher Power, and how this can allow you to "break free" of the shame-driven "try hard given up cycle" you may be on and really consistently connect with highest version of yourself.

Episode 9: Breaking Free of the Try Hard Give Up Cycle (Part I)

The "Try Hard Give Up Cycle" is a shame-based cycle that many of us are caught up in without awareness that drives many addictions and mental health disorders. In this Episode I will introduce this cycle, how it operates, and the alternative to this cycle. I will show you how to use mindfulness practices to break free of this cycle and step more fully into joyful living.

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